Cansin Mert

I am dedicated to investing in and empowering health and gaming entrepreneurs, driving innovation and positive impact.

Cansin Mert, Chairman

At Eylul Ventures, our passion lies in investing in visionary companies that are redefining the boundaries of the healthcare and gaming industries. In the healthcare sector, we seek out companies that are dedicated to developing groundbreaking technologies and solutions, with the ultimate aim of enhancing patient care and improving outcomes. In the gaming realm, we focus on investing in companies that are revolutionizing the gaming landscape by creating immersive experiences that entertain, educate, and connect individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Our primary objective is to empower entrepreneurs to thrive and make a positive impact on both society and the economy. We firmly believe that technology holds the key to providing superior, accessible, and affordable healthcare to people worldwide. As such, we are steadfast in our commitment to supporting entrepreneurs who are driving innovation in healthcare and gaming, and paving the way for new methods to enhance the lives of individuals.

Chairman of Eylul Ventures

As the Chairman of Eylul Ventures, I wholeheartedly endorse our mission to catalyze positive change through strategic investments in forward-thinking enterprises. By fostering an ecosystem that nurtures and empowers entrepreneurial visionaries, we are actively shaping a future where healthcare is elevated to new heights and gaming serves as a powerful medium for connection and transformation.

Together, let us embrace the boundless potential of technology, foster innovation, and drive positive societal change through our unwavering dedication to the healthcare and gaming industries.


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